Rent as venue

Rent work space

As a part of our services we sublet our space for events like workshops, exhibitions, lectures and private arrangements. With kitchen-facilities and seats for up to 60 people, we can host your next seminar, course or conference.


Prices* from NOK 2500 to NOK 6000
Max capacity 60 people
Suited for exhibitions, workshops, lectures and events

Prices* from NOK 3000 to NOK 6000
Max capacity 70 people
Suited for social events, teambuilding and events.

Prices*: from NOK 1000 to NOK 2500
Max capacity 10 people
Suited for meetings and one-day sessions

Prices*: from NOK 1500 to NOK 3500
Max capacity 30 people
Suited for meetings, workshops, concerts and events

We are happy to offer catering and provide entertainment on request, and we may host during the event.

*Prices are ex tax, includes coffee/tea, projector and Wi-Fi.

We offer a range of workspaces and venues in a light, spacious and flexible environment. The desks are situated in the open office area.


We provide the desk, a chair, a lockable file drawer, an office lamp, free Wi-Fi and access to a printer/scanner. We share a kitchen area, lounge, phone room, meeting rooms, wood shop, wardrobe and restroom facilities. Being a co-worker at Erfjordgt.8 makes you a part of our community.

We even can offer a garage with ramp for on-loading from ground level, bike rack, two elevators and a roof-deck with great view of the city and Ryfylke mountains.

There are two ways you can become one of our co-workers:

1. Rent a desk for a fixed price for up to six months at a time // NOK 2500 per month

2. Buy an access card giving you 10 or 20 one-day visits during office hours // NOK 2000 for 10 days and NOK 3000 for 20 days

For more information or to book, please contact Tom Isachsen: +400 41 013 /