Opp I Mente

Per Ove Haukland / Accountant


Opp I Mente AS is an one-man accountancy firm which was founded in September 2015, but I have worked as an accountant for over 20 years, and as a Certified Public Accountant since 2000. During this time, I have had clients in a variety of branches and types of company structure, including photographers, picture and glass artists, construction, craftsmen, shops, transport, consultants, construction, finance etc. This has given me valuable experience and given me many contacts across a wide field of branches. As a Certified Public Accountant, I am subject to the Financial Supervisory Authority scheme for authorization, and keeps me up to date on the rule changes happening in the industry.

Opp I Mente AS take assignments in accounting, payroll, accounts, financial assistance and start-up / foundation for both sole traders and limited companies.

When the work day is over, I love the outdoor life; to smell the ocean and to feel the wind in my hair.

Per Ove Haukland
m: +47 905 74 555
e: post@oppimente.no
web: www.oppimente.no
facebook: oppimente