Camila Barrera Daza


Camila Barrera Daza is a Colombian illustrator now living and working in Stavanger, Norway. Her illustration work combines different technics – colored pencils, graphite and ink – and usually also some pop with digital color. Her styles are somewhat diverse, and can be grouped in to two main focuses: the realistic kind, with lots of shading detail, and the not-so-realistic with free and flowing ink and pencil strokes.

She studied Fine Arts and Los Andes University (Bogotá). She lives in Norway since 2011.

I am interested in drawing people, creating characters that tell stories, based on a combination of reality and my imagination. I enjoy walking in places where there’s a lot of people, I get inspired by the people that walk past me in the city, their faces, gestures, clothes.

Camila Barrera Daza
m: +47 948 30 360