Photo: Jan Inge Haga

Photo: Jan Inge Haga

Salammbô , 1904/5. Olaf H. Lange. Colour etching. Stavanger Art Museum, Norway

Salammbô, 1904/5. Olaf H. Lange. Colour etching. Stavanger Art Museum, Norway

Arnhild Sunnanå

Art historian / Curator / Writer

Sunnanå is assigned by Stavanger Art Museum as an external curator for the Olaf Lange Exhibition planned for 2. November 2018 until 24. March 2019. 

In addition to Olaf Lange research she is doing research for the Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet). She is a freelance gallery assistant for Prosjektrom Normanns, and she is also working within art educational activities, lectures and writing. Arnhild has recently written art critics for CAS (Contemporary Art Stavanger), texts for Stavanger Aftenblad and articles for KUNSTforum.

Sunnanå has a MA degree in Art History from the University of Oslo, Norway. She has written her thesis about the Fin-de-siécle Art (1900) of Olaf H. Lange (1875-1965). The unique qualities of Lange ́s colour etchings resulted in a number of International awards, but his work does not fit into the Norwegian Art context. Lange was born in Stavanger and after having finished his art studies in Paris he lived several years abroad, with Munich as his main base.  Langes art captures some of the “end of the century” culture of decadence and interest for the sub-conscious and questioning irrationality. He exhibited with the Secessionists both in Munich and Vienna where they focused on creating a new art for the new century. The freedom and enjoyment of life were, however, masked by an anxiety towards an uncertain future.

Arnhilds Art History bachelor from the University of Stavanger focused on Contemporary Art. Additionally she has a bachelor degree of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Stavanger. 

Formerly she worked within the area of business administration including founding of new businesses. Sunnanå lives in Stavanger with her husband and two children.

Arnhild Sunnanå
m: +47 971 10 870